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So Holidays are over. I am back at home and the last day I worked on my homepage. Maybe you want to take a look on it. :)

Savu`s Homepage (

There is also my actual Sigyn-comic (in german) and some other stuff of mine. But for english speakers there are links which will redirect you to sides where the Comic is readable in english ;) 
If you want you can use the Facebook-like-Button there too. 

....and now I will go back to work and continue drawing. :D :dance:


for my comics I create an account of patreon and would like to invite you to follow me there too. 
Please read my informations there. 
On patreon you CAN support other`s work if you want, BUT you don`t have to. It works similiar to tumblr. The comics will stay for free of course. 

People who wants to support me therefor will see more of the progress.
Also maybe you are also interested in that page for your own creations. So here the link to join:


Version 1 - Commissions "complete character" (fully colored, soft shading, incl. BG): 
16 USD + 2 USD for every additional character
(for examples see below area "already finished Commissions")

Version 2 - Commissions "Portait" (fully colored, soft shading) with simple BG
10 USD + 2 USD for every additional character 

Examples of already finished commissions:

Commission "Mzuka" by Savu0211Commission "Roxas and Yume" by Savu0211commission "sayrayel" by Savu0211 
scetch commission by Savu0211Commission "white lioness" by Savu0211Commission "Warrior" by Savu0211 
Commission Themba and Vane by Savu0211Commission "Fursona" by Savu0211Commission "Katib" by Savu0211
Commission "vet" by Savu0211Commission "Hagen" by Savu0211Commission "Loki + Kasi" by Savu0211
commission "KH2 Organization 13" by Savu0211Commission "Zima" by Savu0211Commission "Nicky" by Savu0211 
Commission Sruna by Savu0211Commission "Sailya and family" by Savu0211 Commission Eclipsess by Savu0211

(from comic pages it is ok, as long as you credit me - but stay away from the commissions.
People have paid for it ;))


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SemyRamis Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Let me say Hi as well!

I've been following you since the middle of your TLK stories so it's been quite a while since I first saw your art, your name. I read all the stuff you did, saw your entire gallery and so now I guess I'll add you to my watch-list or what is this here, on dA. :D Not that I won't realize if you upload something, 'cause I check here daily.
Anyway: I wanted to tell you for so long time that I really love your stories, the way you tell them and I also like your art style. Your OC-s are sooo awesome, Azra still my favorite amongst all the OC's out there. :D
Enough words for the first time. I'll be following you (haha, like a creepy stalker XD) just like I did in the past few months/years. But maybe a bit 'louder' since now I have the guts to comment. :D

Have a great day! :)

(... aaand greetings from Hungary! :D)
etfolium Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Hi Savu!

I read your TLK comics a few years ago, when you were first posting them and then forgot almost entirely after I finished up to where you had gotten to and lost access to my then dA account. Remembering how great they were yesterday I spent the last day hunting around and finally found them again!
Great to see you updated the originals to your new style, where I left off you'd just started redrawing the start of Taka's story and had gotten to page 3 I think. To be honest I can't wait to re-read them all again, thank you so much for providing such in-depth backgrounds and then parallels to the movies!
Savu0211 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014
Thank you very much :hug: I am glad you like it :D
Nukarulesthehouse1 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
nukarulesthehouse1.deviantart.… A new gift for you. :) 
Savu0211 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
Aww she looks cute (which is strange for Baridi, but it is still cute XDD) Thanks a lot
Nukarulesthehouse1 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
xDD No problem! :hug:

Someone posted a picture of Hasira Faida and Hila and used your lineart aswell. Thought you should know.

They also posted art involving Azra.…

Almost every picture they have up is made with bases from your TLK comics.
BlueManeWolf Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I saw them as well
war22360 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014
i love your art it's perfect, by the way my fav comic u did is TLK Dark Times
Wolfprincess-Asmira Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
I love you art very mutch so I was schocked to see this:…
that is your art! I think that is not ok!
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