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"How is she?" Thor wanted to know when he saw Frigga coming out of the chamber. She had a warm smile on her lips. Thor sighed relief. "So she's fine, right?"
"Yes, of course she is still weak and tired, but otherwise she lacks nothing."
Frigga laid her hand on Thor's shoulder. "We all knew you would make it to bring her back."
Thor nods. "But I never have thought it would be so easy."
"Indeed," Frigga smiled and turned toward the huge terrace. Her footsteps echoed in the high corridors. Thor followed her. "Well," he began. "It seemed as if something led me directly to her. I know it sounds strange, but I had no choice but to get to her. "
Frigga looked questioningly to the thunder god. Wanting him to speak further. "When I arrived in Jotunheim, the wind whipped me. It was impossible for me to go in a different direction, "continued Thor. "But as I have seen these rocks in front of me, I just knew that I needed to get there. I can not even explain what led me. Maybe it was just the hope .... "
Frigga again smiled gently, as she leaned against the railing of the terrace and looked out over the wide plains of Asgard.
"The wind," she said after a pause. Thor`s forehead curled.
"Logi's brother is the wind, Thor. He brought you to her without you even noticed. The wind can tell you so much, but most have forgotten how to listen to him. "She looked the thunder god beside him.
"But one thing I do not understand," Thor said, thoughtfully. "Even if the cave gave her protection, everyone else in such thin clothes she has worn, would be perished in the cold Jotunheims within a few moments. Even I wore my densest fur and still the cold gnawing at my strength. So how could she hold out for so long? "
Frigga sighed. "She's a woman," she answered shortly.
"Exactly!" Thor interrupted her. "Such a delicate creature could never bear up such a fight against the cold of Jotunheim, so how ..."
Thor paused as Frigga looked at him. Her face had become serious. Had he offended her? But then her muscles relaxed and she looked back reflectively to the valleys.
"... And she's expecting a baby," she finished her sentence.
Thor looked at her in astonishment.
"The healers have told me. It is still quite small, but the heat of this new life saved Sigyns. There is a fire in her .... "
"Loki", asked Thor.
"Yes, it's Loki," said Frigga. Her eyes were thoughtful and full of care. "It would be better if you did not tell anyone, Thor. Even the healers have given me this arrangement.. "
Thor nodded. "Do you think it's dangerous?"
Frigga sighed deeply. "Let's hope for the best. But it's not too early to condemn it at all? "
The goddess looked at Thor, and he agreed with her. "Can I see Sigyn?" He consequently asked.
"I think she will be happy," said Frigga.

When Thor entered Sigyn's little room, the young woman lay in her bed. It seemed as if she was asleep. Quietly of God sat down beside her on a chair. His eyes fell on her stomach. Not a single curvature revealed that she was carrying a new life, but Sigyn's hands were protecting it by resting on her belly. The instinct of an expectant mother.
Sigyn opened her eyes as Thor touched her hands. The God sighed. Willingly he would be able to converse with her. He had so many questions, so many questions, but he didn`t know how to ask, how he could tell Sigyn and how she could answer him in a way he understood. He sighed. Sigyn felt his despair. She gently took his hand and stroked it soothingly.
"I'm sorry," whispered Thor. Although he was aware that Sigyn could not hear his words, but still he wanted to get rid of his thoughts, which plagued his mind. "It's my fault. I had thought that now everything would be different. I've seen what you were capable of, Sigyn. What you have done to him. I thought it would be the best for all of us. I never wanted that you get hurt."
His hand held hers tight while he spoke. "Is he really evil? Loki has helped us many times. Often he had saved our lifes" But after a short pause, he added:" ... and still he wanted to see so many dead. He betrayed us, fought us ... "Thor looked sad to Sigyn. "Was he ever a friend or has he been our enemy all the time? I would love to know. "
He sighed. Sigyn could not answer him he knew. She probably did not even know what he was talking. But Thor had met Loki those days on Midgard. There he was only a shadow of his former self, emaciated, weak and yet it his only interest was Sigyn. Suddenly nothing seemed to be important, but her. Even not his own life…
Easily they could have taken him back to Asgard, could have locked him in a dungeon. Loki even didn`t have fought when the guardians had grabbed him. But at that time Thor had hoped to be able to help his former fellow. Not the obviously enemy he was partly, but the old Loki, who once had been familiar and could be trusted. He could have kept him away from Asgard, and all other kingdoms. But Thor saw in him no danger anymore, only a man who was begging for attention of his beloved. There was no danger in him anymore.
Suddenly Sigyn sat up. For a moment Thor thought she would look knowingly in his eye.
The young woman stepped out of bed. She still held Thor's hand and with a smile she told him to get up to follow her tottering steps until she sat down again in front of the fireplace. Thor watched her confused while she poked the charred wood with one of her hands. Often the God had seen her sitting like this in front of the fireplace. She always looked so happy then.  The light of the fire made her skin appear always in a rosy healthy glow. Some days she didn`t move then for hours. The guards had often amused about her character, but now the God called them to ignite the fireplace. Quickly they came running to follow their service. Sigyn sat crouching in front of fireplace, waiting patiently. It seemed as if her eyes shining with anticipation.
The guards flinched surprised, even Thor could not hide his surprising as Sigyn let out a little cry and clapped her hands like a happy child as the flames began to grow up. The god of thunder made the astonished guards gestured to leave the room.
Once they were gone Sigyn looked up to Thor. Her eyes were filled with a gloss and he felt her small hands gripped his, pulling him down to her. He was to sit next to her and so he did her the favor after a brief hesitation.
Few moments both were just sitting there. Silence, motionless. But suddenly Sigyn leaned forward and grabbed with bare hands into the fire. Thor wanted to stop her, but the woman already had takem a burning branch from the log and held it before him. The flames at the end of the branch flashed ominously. For a moment Thor thought the flames could overturn the heavy forehand of the window next to the fireplace and turned the whole room into a sea of flames within few seconds. Carefully and gently he tried Sigyn to put the burning branch back into the fire. The God gave it creeps that the young woman dealt so carelessly with the flames. But just at the moment he wanted to take the branch out of her hands, he was like as if the fire at the end of the timber changes. Somehow he felt suddenly attracted by the flickering light, believing to recognize anything in the writhing flames.
Sigyn's lips were formed into a small smile.

Loki was still half asleep in bed when he heard the heavy bolt of his door has been moved without being opened, as he feared for a moment. He slowly sat up. He looked warily to the door, but nothing happened. Did someone just open his chamber? But soon Loki needed to recognize the compromise. His ankles and wrists were bound with heavy leather, which were connected to each other by a golden chain. While the chain was not drawn very tightly and allowed him to move still independent, but he knew this chains were now only ordinary chains. Loki was well aware that these wouldn`t only affect him in his gestures and gait, but also in his magical abilities. Angrboda wouldn`t force him in simple chains. Unfortunately, she knew him very well.
Sighing Loki stood up and crept to the door. He opened it and peered through. The hallway in front of him seemed empty, so quietly the God stepped out of his chamber. Barefoot he walked down the long corridor. He growled as he realized that the chains between his feet rattled on the stone floor and announced everyone his approach. At the end of the hallway a light was bruning. He heard Angrboda was calling his name. The God sighed deeply. Sullen he entered her room.
The giantess grinned. She was sitting at a long table and offered him a seat towards her. "You must be hungry, darling," she giggled maliciously. Loki sat down and took some of the sumptuous dishes. He had to admit that he was indeed suffering by hunger. Angrboda watched him steadily while he ate. "Where is she?” the God blurted suddenly.
"The woman?" The giantess replied sharply.
Loki looked at her seriously. "Is she in Asgard?", he wanted to know.
The giantess just shrugged her shoulders with a smile. "Who knows? This should not interest you, Loki. "
"Where is Hell! I want to talk to her, "snorted the God.
"I do not think you can tell me anything," hissed the giantess.
"I want to talk to Hel, please," Loki repeated, this time in a low, calm voice.
"I sent her away. These are my halls. She has no business here anymore! "Angrboda took a big bite of raw meat.
"She's our daughter."
The giantess looked gravely to Loki. "Yes, I have brought her up, if you remember, while you lived in Asgard like a bee in clover. I think my target towards her is fulfilled. She has her own world, her own realm. She has no right to interfere with my life anylonger….Not yet at least!" With these words the giantess ended her meal and got up.
"Heartless woman," hissed Loki. But Angrboda just laughed: "The role of the caring father doesn`t fitting to yourself, Loki. Your selfishness can not be hidden. Not in front of me, nor Hel. "
The God lowered his head to protect himself from the icy gaze of the giantess. "Meanwhile it seems you have forgotten that there are two other offspring, whose disgraceful fates are caused by you too. So do not call me heartless, if even you don`t inhabit one as well. "
She bent down to him. Her blood-red lips kissed his ear before she whispered in a hateful voice: "Actually, your new flame should be thankful that I kept you away from her before her heart could turn into ice like yours and mine."
Loki gritted his teeth as the giantess left the hall with a triumphant smile.
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irbis-soul Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013  Student

My reaction when I read :)
I like your work Savu, with your comics I leared more inglish that school! :)
gpcat Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013
Yey, update \o/ I loved this chapter. Can Sigyn communicate through the fire? I hope so, because Thor needs to know Loki isn't evil anymore, and Loki really needs help. I wonder what he will do now? I'm afraid he can't stand Angrboda for much longer. He would rather die than spend the rest of his life with her. One doubt, aren't Thor and Loki brothers in this story? Maybe I'm too influenced by the brotherly bond they share in the movies and other fics. I don't have much knowledge about them int eh mythology. Loved the fic. I hope you update soon because I can't wait to read the rest of the story.
Savu0211 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013
Thanks^^ Sigyn tries to communicate over that yes, and what is "wrong" with Loki and all his behaviour will be explained in the next chapter :P

Thor and Loki aren`t brothers, but because of Loki is adopted to Asgard and the race of Aesir, it`s not like brothers by blood, but more you live in the same house than I am, so you belong to family.
gpcat Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013
Thanks for the explanation. Now you made me even more curious and anxious to read the next chapter. I'm a big fan of yours.
Raven-Bones Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Are the other legends connected to this story in anyway? Like with Sleipnir?
Savu0211 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013
no the written stories have nothing to do with the comics ;)
Raven-Bones Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah k. I didn't think so ^^
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