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It was already day as Loki awoke. But he did not want to get up. Sigyn still nestled in a deep sleep up to him. He felt her soft, gentle breath in his neck, a firm grip on his hips and her legs clasped his. But he had an uncontrollable desire to see her face. Carefully he tried to turn arround without disturbing her sleep.
Her face was like of a porcelain doll. So graceful, yet fragile. Gently he stroked her through her curly hair. The god gave her a kiss on the forehead. He wished he was just able to watch her forever, but he could not. Just as he had tasted her skin on his lips, his desire grew to more. Immediately he gave her a kiss on her cheek again, and another on her bright red lips.
Sigyn began to smile as she felt all the kisses on her face. A soft giggle escaped her throat and immediately she felt her body was pressed firmly against his. The young woman felt Loki`s quick breath on her forehead, followed by another kiss. She enjoyed his caresses. The fire which was kindled in the God.
But she slowed his actions. Gentle but dominant she held his head with both hands close to hers. The slender fingers slid slowly down his face and fingered it gently.
His name was Loki, wasn`t it? Sigyn tried to remember. She did not know many names in the home of Asgard. Thor was known to her and of course Odin and Frigga, but usually the young woman had  always lived very isolated by the others. She had her little tasks in Asgard, she always filled. But most of time the young woman spent in her room, watching the fire in the fireplace, or read their books. The gods had made handwritten copies of many books for her, so the blind woman was able to feel out the letters by the heavy ink which was used and the deep notches of a special sharp lead on thin paper. So it was even possible for her to educate herself. Sigyn indeed never had learned writing, but at least she knew all letters and how to decipher those.
Her hands roamed over Loki's neck on his shoulders, on his upper arms, chest and down to his sides. Through the thin fabric Loki wore, she could feel every responds to her touching of his muscles and fibers. He is skinny, Sigyn thought, but she was also aware that the man had to spend some time in prison of Asgard, which probably left some marks on his body and health.
Loki watched every movement Sigyn`s. He studied her facial expressions very well while her hands gently touched his body in order to give her a picture of the man beside her. She looked at him, on her own way. Loki's breathing was deep and heavy. Honestly it was not easy for him just to lay there and staring at Sigyn. But suddenly she pushed Loki firmly on his chest, so he had to turn on his back. The woman leaned over him and stroked him with his thumb over his forehead and through his hair. She smiled softly. The god looked at her slender neck, rear up and wanted to kiss it, but she didn`t allow it. On the contrary, she slowly bent down to him. But her lips barely touched him, if only it was a very fleeting touch. She teased him intentionally. Wanted to feel the fire in him heat it further, let it blaze. Sigyn enjoyed their game. She felt Loki's firm grip on her upper arms, always willing to pull her closer to himself in order to finish her game, which he enjoyed on the one hand, but was also an incredibly tormented for him on the other hand.
Internal Loki was shocked how much control and power she had over him. Why was he so obsessed by her? A blind and deaf woman. She was pretty. No question, but after all there were a lot of pretty women in Asgard, but none of them attracted him so much or even were able to control him. He always was the one, who took the reins. He and no other. But now it was Sigyn who did. He hardly dared to touch her, just observed every of her movement carefully. Njust waiting, waiting that she would give him a sign that he may embrace her again, he may kiss, may feel your body. As most as his desire grew up in him, the wait became more unbearable. It burned in him formally.
Sigyn gave him another kiss on the forehead, tasted the salty taste of his sweat and a final kiss on his quivered lips. Sigyn grin straightened up again and stared with her blind eyes down to the God. She enjoyed the power she had over him. Could only imagine how he stared at her now, but she felt his fingers clung to her dress. Sensed how his heart was racing. She enjoyed the fire in him and the fire which flamed up in her too. With a gentle smile on her lips, finally she allowed him to inflame it completely.

They spent the whole day in bed until dawn. Sigyn already slept, when Loki got out of the narrow bed and took a seat by the window. He looked up into the sky. Somewhere far out was Asgard, Jotunheim, Niflhel and all the other worlds he knew. Midgard itself was still strange to him and would always be probably. But at least it was a much bigger prison than the cells in Asgard. Here he was able to move freely, but Loki had almost no motivation to leave the little cottage. He didn`t look forward to meet the people of this world. Absurd people.Stupid, clumsy people of Midgard.
The god looked at the sleeping woman. But together with her every cell, in whatever form, would be worth to stay there.
It was a strange feeling that he harbored towards her, but it was real. It was honest. He felt an impenetrable bond between them, even he couldn`t explain.
Loki was torn from his thoughts when he heard Sigyn sighing. She also had woke up and sat up in bed now. Her hands groped aftere the empty seat next to her and Loki saw confusion in her eyes. He slowly walked up to her. Carefully he took her hand to to show her that he was still there. She smiled when she felt his hand on hers.
Often the two went for a walk from now on, but now the young woman didn`t appeared like an accessory of Loki anymore. Now she walked beside him with uplifted head. When they came to the village in order to get some food or other things from the market, both of them were viewed with suspicion. But none of the inhabitants of Midgard dared to talk to them. It seemed as if they would now disapprove Sigyn too. Loki gritted his teeth when he heard people whispering around him. They called her "witch" or "she-devil". Although if the God didn`t fully know all the meanings of those names, he knew that they treted her in contempt. He wished he could sentenced all of them to death, but unfortunatley he was dependent on their estates. This world was not Asgard. No one would catered for him. None of his snap would earned them a full plate or a ​​filled jug, no one would bring them new clothes.
Here, no one saw the God in him, but something else, which apparently scared all of them even more. Loki never needed to give a payment. Each dealer was just glad when he left as soon as possible. The inhabitants of Midgard feared him and Sigyn. For the God this was just fine. Sigyn didn`t realize anything from that. Happy at his side, she went on. Loki often carried her on his back on their way home, while she clung tightly to him and giggled. The God enjoyed those carefree moments.
She often sat before the fireplace together and Loki stared at her as she watched the flickering flames. Then he believed to see a special glow in her eyes. It was evident that the young woman had a certain fascination with fire, perhaps the same as Loki's fascination with her.
The God caused the fire danced up. Fire always obayed him. It belonged to him. It was his element and everytime he made the fire flaming up higher and higher, Sigyn let out a cry of joy. Like a child she clapped her hands happily and in that moment realized Loki Sigyn lights in her eyes. She knew the fire. She could see it in her eyes. Loki sat beside her, put his arms around her shoulders and snuggled up to her back. Listened to her joyful sounds she uttered by the sight of the dancing flames in the fireplace. Suddenly he felt how her hands hold his firmly. She let fall her head into the neck, nestled it against his. Loki's hands rested on Sigyn's belly, clutched by her slender fingers. But at that moment Loki couldn`t knew what her sudden blissful expression meant, she was used to look at him now. Gently her lips were searching for his before both loved each other in front of the flames in the fireplace.

But those happy moments were short-lived. One evening Loki was filled by an inner restlessness. His forehead curled. Sigyn was still sleeping next to him, quietly and deep with a beatific smile on her lips. But the God felt that there was  something wrong. The light around them was neither light nor dark. Loki knew immediately what that meant. He immediately sat up and ran quickly to the window, staring into the twilight.
Outside the hut, near the lake, he could see a shadowy figure who was very familiar to him. Loki ran out of the cottage to the person in the dark.
"No," he shouted as he had almost reached her. "No, you have no business here, Hel!"
Hel looked at her father. "Do not worry," she said quietly as she stared at Loki's frantic eyes. "I'm not here to collect any souls that might be important to you."
"Then why are you here?" gasped the God. "You will not get her!"
But his threating didn`t seem to impress his daughter very much.
"Like I said, so I'm not here," she repeated. "This is rather a family thing."
Loki frowned.
"Father, you have made a pact," sighed Hell. "And now she's here to demand your debt!"
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PurpleScorpion187 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sygin is actually blind and deaf?? I never knew that :/ Now I feel so dumb
Pinksneasel Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013
Omg, I just started reading these. I am SOOOOOOOOO glad that I saved all of these in my inbox until I had time to read them. I woke up this morning to my brothers and sister watching the Avengers, and I had an uncontrolable urge to either write, or read a romance with Loki in it. Lucky I still had these so I didn't have to write anything riscay myself.X3
Neko-vampirefang Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013
omg what happens next?
saintixe56 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013
Thank you. Simple as that, thank you. Because it must be hard work.

Will Loki's magic give sight and hearing?
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Yay!!!!!!!! New page!! :la:
vildtiger Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was wondering about something from both your comic and story of Asgard. Sigyn is blind and deaf in the story, while it seems like she can see and hear in the comic, how┤s that?
Savu0211 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013
because that story has nothing to do with the comic^^
vildtiger Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh okay, it confused me a little. good stories you make, kind of funny see how others write or draw about the north mythology
Gaga-Gogo Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013
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:O THIS IS AMAAAZING!!!! Sorry, I just usually don't like reading some stories, but you've kept me hooked the whole time.
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