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Loki was cooking the fish, when Sigyn awoke from their sleep. It was already daylight and God looked to her. She sat up in bed apathetic and motionless. Loki took the pan and put it on the table, in the middle of the room. The cabin was warm and a fire was crackling in the fireplace.
Loki walked to the bed and nudged the young woman gently against her arm. Her shoulders shuddered and her head persisted in a slanting position. The god took her hands and pulled her into the air as a request that she should follow him. First Sigyn refused, but the smell of freshly cooked food made her to move finally. She had to admit that she was indeed suffering from hunger. Waverers step she let him lead her to the table, but when Loki wanted to feed her, she whipped the fork out of his hand. Suddenly she gave him a deprecating stare. She didn`t need someone to feed her. Afterall she was not in chains. Loki sighed. He gave her the fork and just watched her eating without touching his own meal. The god was ashamed. Not because of the desire, which grew steadily in him, but he realized that he never has asked someone for her name. Hel certainly knew it, but he had never asked. It never previously had crossed his mind to want to know her name, but now it seemed impossible to find out. How should he call her? After all the experiences of the last few days, he even didn`t know that. Loki felt aweful. Actually, he did not know anything about her.

Loki cleaned the dishes while Sigyn still sat at the table. Again and again he looked to her and tried to imagine what was going on in her mind. She looked a little unkempt. Her dress was crumpled at all locations and already torn at the hems. Loki had inspected the sheets in the morning, but to his mind the substance was not suitable to sew her a new dress. At least he was dressed in his noble robes again after his supposed death, instead of leaving him in his rags, he had worn in prison.
Suddenly the young woman, she ran to the window, which Loki had opened after he had woken up. Perhaps she had felt the slight breeze that blew into it because she walked almost unerringly. Where else she knew where the window was. Loki tried to imagine how it was like to be deaf and blind. Was her world the same as his? But he could not imagine how hard he tried.
Loki went up to her and put a blanket over her shoulder. Although the sun was shining, it was not really warm outside and the God wanted to go out with her. Maybe there was a way to get her new clothes and other things she needed in the next town.
It took them long until they finally reached a small village. Sigyn was taken by Loki`s hand. At first she resisted, stopped often and wanted to turn back, but gave up after the God always pushed her back in his direction. He had not done anything to her, so why she behaved like that?
They were lucky. There was a market in the village. Even if some shalls were already closed, because of all the Midgardians still visiting the market, many traders continued selling their goods.
Loki and his companion were aroused a lot of attention. It was not just their clothes, which looked different to Midgard`s fashion, rather it was Loki's attitude walking through the crowd carrying his head high. You could tell that he hated the people of Midgard. With uplifted head, he ran through the corridors of the market, while there was Sigyn in her torn dress and her head bowed. All in all, it showed a strange picture. The proud man, in quite fine clothes and by his hand, the young woman in her rather unkempt appearance.
Loki stopped at a shell, where clothes were sold. Smiling but confused the shopkeeper spoke to Loki: "Are you looking for something in particular?"
"A dress for her," he replied sharp, pointing to Sigyn.
"Oh, we will find something," the shopkeeper smiled and handed the God some of her goods. He carefully examined it and looked again and again to Sigyn, who stood behind him motionless.
"These are fine," he said and gave the woman behind the counter his selection. The shopkeeper nodded and grabbed her in a bag. When she handed this to him again, she held her open hand to Loki by expecting the payment. Of course the God hadn`t any cash, but he also did not need that. He only took the hand of the dealer and looked her straight in the eye. "That will go off all right", he said with a big grin on his face. The shopkeeper nodded with an vacant expression as if she was in trance. "Of course, sir, and have a nice day." Loki thanked smiling and moved on. The inhabitants of Midgard were very receptive to his magic. Obviously pleased with himself, he strutted on to the next shall, where fruits and vegetables were offered. Suddenly a little boy stood next to them and looked curiously.
"What about her?" He asked, pointing to Sigyn. Before Loki could replied anything, the boy tugged at Sigyn sleeves and already earned her attention. "Hey you, you do not look happy."
Sigyn touched the head of the little kid in front of her carefully and smiled. She gently stroked him on his cheek. "Are you sick?" He asked.
"Do not be so cheeky" Loki hissed and rudely shoved the boy away from Sigyn. His eyes flashed with anger. He wanted to see this boy burn suddenly. That this child won immediately Sigyn`s affection, angered the God so much that he was frightened himself by his own overreaction.
"Hey, what are you doing? You are stupid! " snapped the child. Immediately all adults who were around them raised their head and were staring at Loki.
"Did you touched the child?", yelled a beefy man, who immediately placed himself protectively between Loki and the boy. The God rolled his eyes. That was all he needed. Suddenly he and Sigyn seemed to be in the center of the whole market.
The burly man looked to Sigyn. His face twisted into a worried frown, then looked back to Loki with an evil eye. "What are you doing with that girl," the man asked, "Who is she?"
The God Sigyn pulled closer to him. "She's my wife," he lied.
"Is she?" snorted the man he turned again to Sigyn. "Tell me girl, is it true what the man is saying? What is your name? Do you need help? "
Loki was seething with rage. "She will not answer you," he snapped and wanted to grab the man and pull him away from Sigyn when he gently stroked her arm, but  he just ward off Loki`s blow easily.
"Why not? Don`t you allow her to speak for herself?”, the man shouted so loud that it could be heard all over the market. "I know such men like you! You think you own the world, but let me tell you, bub... " Threatening the man lifted his arm. "Men like you are not welcome here!"
Loki laughed. "You think you know me?" He chuckled and took an apple from the charging behind him. Immediately the shopkeeper came running up and was about to raise her word but suddenly horror was written all over his face.
Even the burly man stepped back, startled. "Holy ....", it came out of him and the woman behind the counter began to cross herself. The apple that Loki had taken in hand rotten in front of their eyes until there was only the style and a black, foul-smelling porridge in the hand of God. Laughing Loki wiped off his hand over the counter and looked furtively to the dealer. She wore a fine gold chain with a small cross, which she held with both hands firmly enclosed over her chest. "I do not think this will help him," Loki said quietly with a smile on his lips. "I come from a different origin, but maybe you were so kind to pack a few of your products for me and my wife? We don`t want to bother you anylonger I promise. "
First, the dealer was still frozen with fear, but then hasty she grabbed a bag and filled it with some fruits and vegetables. Trembling, she presented him the bag with shaking hands. "Thank you," he said. Loki felt how all eyes were on them as they exited the market. "The devil," he heard them whispering, also similar other names were given to him. What had become of Midgard, he thought, that they even didn`t recognize a god anymore when he stood in front of them. There was a time when this would have been different.
Loki would have loved to burn down the whole village and watching the people wildly running as human torches screaming in pain. But he had to control himself. He had already played with his magic too often here. Any more magic would caused only more unwanted attention, not just of  Midgard, but also of all other worlds, Asgard in first place.

Arriving in their cottage  Loki handed out the clothes to Sigyn. She assessed the clothes with her fingers, but it seemed that she wasn`t very impressed. The God gritted his teeth. Was it not possible for him to coax her to smile? Why she had become so hard? Roughly he grabbed her arm and pushed her across the room into the small bathroom. Loki slowly lost his patience. In the bathroom, he turned on the shower. Clear water pattered into the tub. Sigyn whimpered, not knowing what would happen, she wanted to turn back and run out of the narrow space, but Loki grabbed her. When he made sure that the water in the tub had a comfortable temperature, he tried to take off Sigyn`s dress, but he didn`t expect such a resistance. When the young woman felt her dress was opened, she began to cry loudly. Furiously she punched and kicked around. Loki had to accept a lot of blows to his face and abdomen. In despair he tried to calm down the panicked woman, but she dropped herself to her knees and continue kicking after the god. Loki realized that it was impossible to completely prepare Sigyn for her bath, so he decided to put her in the tub  with all her clothes.
Sigyn struggled more with his hands and feet as she was lifted by Loki. Shrieking she pulled him by his hair, scratching him across the face and bit him in his shoulder. He cried out and almost lost his footing. Finally he made her into the tub panting. In pain he grabbed at his right shoulder, his cheeks were marked by bloody welts. But at that moment Sigyn finally sat in the tub, she stopped screaming. Confused she began to splash with her fingers in the water. Her face relaxed immediately. Loki sighed and walked over to a small cupboard, which hung on the wall. He was looking for soap, but only found opaque bottles. He took one and smelled it. A floral fragrance came to meet him, and he decided that this was also suitable for bathing. Loki was just rub the viscous mass in his hands and apply it on Sigyn's shoulders when she suddenly grabbed his arm and forcefully whipped the bottle out from his hand. Puzzled Loki paused as Sigyn stretched her arm out of the tub. Loki followed her pointing finger and at first he did not quite understand what the young woman wanted from him. She pointed her finger at the corner of the small bathroom, but there was nothing. Finally he realized that she asked him to leave the room. Hurt by her harsh gestures the God followed her wish. When he had closed the door behind him, he dropped to his knees and buried his head in his hands. Why she feared him so much? He would never dare to touch her, hurting her. What he needed to do that she finally would start to trust him?

Loki was lying motionless on the bed when the bathroom door was opened. Sigyn came out. She had got rid of her wet dress and wrapped a towel around her body. She carefully walked through the room in Loki`s direction. But he hardly reacted. The clothes he got at the market for her still laid near the edge of the bed. Now Sigyn wanted them. From the corner of his eye the God watched her, but made no move to help her. He did not want to be rejected again. He could not stand that anymore. But he also needed to realize now that in spite of her disability the young woman managed her moving very well. She didn`t need much time until she found the clothes. She touched all of them before chose one. Apparently she thought she was alone, because unthinking she dropped her towel. For a moment she stood in her complete nakedness in front of Loki, who still laid on the bed and dared not to take a breath, while watching her dressing herself.
How beautiful she is, thought Loki.
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Xepher06 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
Sneaky, sneaky Loki! Just sits there as Sigyn changes. Tsk, tsk.
At least she did not try to run away in the bathroom.
On to the next chapter! :happybounce:
Gaga-Gogo Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
May i ask you? Does loki like her because she is beautiful or he start to like her when she care about him in Prison

And how old is loki here and siygn?
Savu0211 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
Loki starts to like her as he noticed that he can`t manipulate or trick her what he usual does with people around him.
Gaga-Gogo Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
Oh oki but how old are loki and sigyn?
Savu0211 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
don`t know. He is a god...^^ Just adults without an specific age. They aren`t humans anyway
Gaga-Gogo Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
Oki ty for answering ^^
VisAnastasis Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
One more awesome story :iconeeeeeplz:
Sunnytyler001 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013
XD Poor Loki XD Awesome story, dear!
Asante-Sana Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Your story is amazing! And very interesting as well. I love the fact that you made Sigyn blind and deaf, and for some reason I think it fits her so nicely! :heart: I also like this side of Loki, its very well done. It's so sweet to see him falling in love, worrying with someome else but him, and wanting her to return his affection.

And I've been thinking in translating this story to portuguese. I don't know if I'll have time to do so, but if I do, do you mind? I'd credit you and link to your page, of course :3
Blackmoonlily Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013
^____^ Eeeeeee <3
Kuroiseki Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013
He should try writing letters in her palms :O a way to communicate with her :D
rose383838 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013
Yay!!!!!! A new story I'm so happy!! Thanks!! :glomp: :D :happybounce:
Shad0wBaby Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013
These stories are really interesting. I can't wait for more!
Sikudhanii Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Loki you little perv lol. I love the development in these two. Loki has always been one of my favorite gods but to see this side of him is heartwarming and refreshing.
Savu0211 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013
well, he couldn`t expect that...and calling her: "Hey I am still there!" wouldn`t have worked very much XD...
Sikudhanii Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
True xD
At least he didn't move to do anything. That's highly respectful!
rebba10 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Student General Artist
Dawwwww~ theses stories are so amazing :heart: i love how you write them :D even though you are German! can't wait for the next story, or comic ^^
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