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January 19, 2013
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Loki was sitting in his cell moveless, silent. Trying not to think so much, but thinking was the only thing he could do now. His bandaged eyes covered himself in endless darkness.
The god even didn`t know if it was night or day. No light reached his eyes. How long has he already been there? He didn`t know. He lost all his feeling for time. His eyes became useless to him.

His bounded hands even didn`t allow him to raise his arms more than few centimenters and if that wouldn`t be enought, Odin had also bounded his feet to the ground. Forced the god to sit there in an unatural posture. Oh, how much Loki wished just to move his legs in a different position. But it was senseless. His whole body was useless to him now.

He already had tried to rip out the chains from the wall the very first time he was imprisoned. He screamed, yelled all the time. Threats and insulting came out of his mouth followed by beggings for mercy. But after a time he gave up. There seemed to be no one who was there to hear him. All his words became useless if there are no ears listening.

Now Loki tried just to listen. Waiting for noise. Whatever it could be. But there was nothing. For what do you need ears, if there is nothing you can listen at?

That was his punishment, the god knew. Odin has made him himself useless. Loki was forced in being a living puppet. Unable to do anything, but breathe and not dieing. Maybe he will lose his mind after a time, but according to all other gods, he already had anyway.
Maybe the death would have been the better choice now, but Loki had to admit that he feared the death.

The god didn`t know how much time passed by as he heard a noise. He raised his head, trying to figure out what he heard.
There were steps coming closer. First he thought they would walk over but indeed they stopped and he heard how the heavy door to his cell was opened.
Loki raised his head, while the stranger came in. From the noise he heard that the person was pushing a small wagon into the room. Something clanked.
„Who is there?" Loki asked, but he didn`t get any answer. „Ha, did Odin forbid you to speak with me?" He laughed. Nothing. Loki heard that the person stopped moving the wagon and that something was taken from it. It seems that the person had problems to walk. The movements were slowly and scuffing. Under his bandage Loki raised his eyebrow. He felt that the stranger finally position himself in front of him.
„What was he going to do now?" Loki asked himself and cringed as suddenly he felt fingertips running over his face.
„Hey! Stop that", he hissed, but the other person seemed to be unimpressed by his protest. On his chin the fingertips stopped moving and Loki suddenly felt something cold on his lips. It needed a moment of surprise before he realized that the cold thing was a spoon.
As he felt the warm puree and taste the salty flavor on his tongue, Loki remembered how hungry he really was. Greedy he slugged down the mash. It didn`t taste very good, but at that moment it was like the best meal he ever had, also the fact that he was feeded like a little child couldn`t anger the proud god now.
After finishing his meal the stranger gave him some water to drink. Loki had difficulties to swallow as fast as the water left the bottle, so a big amount of it just ran down his face. But now he felt much better now...
The stranger stood up and walked slowly through the cell, propably back to the small wagon.
Loki moved his head to the right where the other one might be. The god wanted to know who he was, but every asking was left unanswered. So Loki gave up and waited for what might happened next. Maybe this was his last meal? This thought made him shudder. Slowly steps came closer to him again.
Loki took a deep breath. How much he wished he could see something now.

He was confused when he heard splash of water. Again the stranger started to touch the god with his fingertips. Loki noticed why those touchings were confusing to him. It was not the touch itself, but how he was touched. The fingertips were more like feathers running over his skin, almost like they were searching for something. But the god also noticed how soft they were. No question this stranger was a female. Maybe Frigga? No, she would have answered him. Sif, therefor the touchs were too gentle and careful. Not the touch of a warrior.
While Loki tried to figure out, suddenly he felt something wet on his cheek running carefully down his neck. He was frightened before he realized that it was only a sponge.
Obviously this woman was sent by Odin to take care for him while he was in prison. The god smirked. A woman? Odin sent only a woman? Was the All-father not afraid that he could try something in order to escape? Women were never be a problem for the trickser to convince to do everything he wants.
Persistent Loki was washed by the woman without saying any word. With her hands she moved his body and clothes as far as the chains allowed into her wished position to clean the god from dust and dirt by sitting all the time on the messy ground.
Who ever she was, she was confusing. The skin of her hands were soft and seemed to be fine-boned. All in all the hands of a young person, but her walk was one of an old woman, shaky, slowly steps. Loki could hear that her feet almost never lost the contact to the ground.
„Maybe you could tell me you name at least", Loki tried to get an answer. „That would be only fair, after you have seen me half naked", he hissed. But the only thing he heard was that the door to his cell was shut. Now he was left alone in silence and darkness again.

But from that day on, the woman visited the god regulary. Feed him, washed him and took care for his swallon joints and wounds he got from being chained. But she never ever spoke or even made any noice. A sighed maybe. Nothing.
Even when Loki started to insulting her in a very bad way, everyone would have made lost control, she just continued her doing without any reaction.
Even when Loki used all powers of persuasion. His silvertongue was powerless against her. First anger started to grew up, but was suddenly displaced by fascination.
Who ever this woman was, she was resitent against all his talents. No wonder Odin sent her to him. The god of tricks defeated by a woman. What a shame....
But know Lokis biggest wish was to get free from his bandaged eyes. He wanted to see the person, who was resistant against his words.The person who dared to touch him directly in the face without any comment, who touched him in a such strange way, without really holding or grapping him, without connection. A touch without really touching. It drove him nuts. But she never removed it, as much as Loki begged for it.

Until this day. The woman just finished her washing procedure and tied up Loki`s rag. The god heard how she staid up, holding the bucket of water and made few steps until she stopped. Behind his bandages Loki was staring at her...At least he supposed that he was looking at her. Hard to tell if you didn`t see anything. But he heard how she was coming back, returning to her place in front of him. The god became nervous. She paused. Loki could hear her breathe, without that he wouldn`t even sure if she was still there and suddenly he felt her hands around his head, making him softly to put it down. Loki felt how her fingertips started to untie his bandages, but when he opened his eyes he snarled. The daylight hurt his eyes painfully. He even didn`t knew that there was a window in his cell and before his eyes could become accustomed to the sudden light, water met them. The woman, Loki still only could see as a shadow started to wash his area arround his crusted eyes carefully. He already felt small fingertips touching his face, his eyebrows, followed by the sponge and while she cleaned him, the god suddenly understood.
At that moment he saw her clearly in front of him, saw her movings, her posture, her eyes everything made sense. Why she touched him in that confusing way all the time. Why her movements were like the movements of an old woman, she definately wasn`t.
Loki looked into her eyes. They were big and quite beautiful, but without any emotions. These eyes didn`t see any light, didn`t see any beauty, any danger, anything...
„You are blind", Loki whispered while watching the young woman squeezing the sponge. As usual she didn`t react. „....and deaf." The god continued more speaking to himself. He couldn`t hold in a laugh. All the time he had wondered how it was possible that someone could be so resistant, so powerful, so mighty and now the answer was so simple. In front of him sit a young, vulnerable helpless woman, almost still a girl. „Oh, Odin, you damned", Loki grinned.
The woman wanted to continue cleaning his face but when she raised her arm, her elbow hit the bucket, which immediately felt over and all the water flowed out. First she didn`t noticed until the cold water met her clothes. Irritated she looked around, her hands were searching after the bucket, which had rolled away from its old place closer to the wall next to Loki`s bounded left hand.
Loki looked down to the bucket and tried to push the bucket back to the woman with one of his fingers, but it didn`t work and while he continued his trieing he suddenly heard a noise coming out from the woman`s mouth. It wasn`t a word, just a noise, a silent scream of anger. At that moment he realized that this woman was a prisoner like himself, but at least he was only bounded in chains. He couldn`t feel anything else than pity for the girl, watching her trying to find her bucket, which was so close to her but still unreachable. He felt that there was not much left until she would start to cry.
He was only in chains, maybe one day he will be free again, maybe not, but there was still a chance. But she, she would be always a prisoner of herself.
The woman almost crawled over the dirty floor. Her hands were only few centimeters away from her target, but now her face was closed to Loki`s who took his chance to lean forward and gave her a small kiss on her forehead. Immediately she stopped moving, frozen in shock of that unexpected gestures. Loki`s mouth rested on her forehead, forming just simple words in hope she would be able to read by the touch of his lips. „Thank you, my dearest."
Not sure if she understood he leaned back. The woman finally found her bucket and turned up as quickly as she could. But even if she had tried, she couldn`t hide the smile on her lips from Loki.

While she walked out of the cell, Loki was watching her with a big grin on his face. She left him without bandaged his eyes again. He looked up to the small window. Sunlight filled the small room, but Loki just wanted that the day passed by, waiting for his next meal, waiting for her next visit.
He knew one day he will be outside of these walls again, out of his prison. „...unlike her", he thought. But if he became free again, he would take her with him. Making her prison as comfortable as possible like she had made his imprisonment bearable.

If he only knew her name.
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The english version...
Sorry for spelling, grammar-mistakes....but well you know, english isn`t my first language.

If you want to read the german version -> [link]
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This piece has been showcased on my profile page as part of this week's *Weekly feature*. Thank you so much for making such beautiful stories! :iconlainloveplz:
jackie2525 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
What did he do to get tied up like this??
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I love this story so much ewe
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gpcat Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013
OMG What a great and wonderful story! So touching... so sad... so beautiful... You're a great writer. Please, keep translating your work to English so it can reach many reader who speak many Languages (my mother Language, for example, is Portuguese). God bless you <3
Xepher06 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013
Aw! So sad but nice. This just makes Loki want to get revenge all the more against the Allfather. Really loved it! :)
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This is beautiful!
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I hardly noticed the grammar; it's easy to ignore when the writing is so good. I don't know much about Loki and Thor, but your comics, and now this, have made me very fond of him. I never thought you to be a writer, but you're very good at it :)
Savu0211 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013
thank you :hug:
EdenBurnsTonight Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
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