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Was not that the deal?" snorted Loki. "I obey, and you let her go?"
Angrboda lips formed into a wide grin. "I can not remember to have signed such a pact with you, dear. I just gave you only a more solid reason for you to return than your word, which you once gave me. "
Loki swallowed.
"But that I will let her free... I never mentioned," the giantess said delighted.
In the first moment the God was ossified by what he has heard, but he was quickly caught again and remembered his rhetoric art. With his head raised, he walked up to Angrboda, hiding his fear when he sat down beside her and looked at her with wide eyes.
"You want  her to be your prisoner? Locked her up in this cold walls for all eternity. Make her life miserable.”
"Wouldn`t you like that? You were the reason for her spoiled life. You would see her suffer and know that this is all your fault and that you will never be able to rescue her", hissed Angrboda.
"But I would still be able to see her." Determined the God stared in the giantess blood-red, glowing eyes.
"Not if I burn out your eyes, Loki!"
"But you like my eyes," laughed the God. "Besides, how would that useful for you? If I could not see her, it would only increase my desire to touch her instead."
With a hefty blow Loki was suddenly flung from his seat next to her by the giantess. Rudely he landed on the stone floor not far from her. He gasped, but he could not resist a small grin. Slowly he stood up.
"Well, Angrboda, your response indicates me that you maybe really should let her go for your own mental health. Send her to Asgard. I mean even if you gave me a chance to escape and get there too, they would locked  me away from her like you want to." Upright he stood again in front of the giantess. "Therefore I even have no reason to try it first."
"I could just kill her instead," said Angrboda quitely.
Loki shrugged. "Maybe you even should. Hel already has helped me several times why shouldn`t she do it again? If you do not send her to Asgard, Hel will do it for me! "
Angrboda drew a deep breath. Her blood was boiling with rage. Slowly she got up and walked the few steps to Loki. His smile faded as the giantess was in front of him. Rudely she grabbed the God by his neck and lifted him into the air. Loki gasped, his legs were kicking in the air, looking after saving ground desperated while he ring for air.
"Loki, you little fool, I will not allow you to speak like that to me! Whatever I will do with her or with you, one  is for sure: You will never see her again or anyone else except me! These walls will be your home, your planet, your univers, everything you will know for all of your future days!"
"That means you let her go?" Loki croaked with all his strength from his throat.
It took a moment until the giantess replied, too much was her desire to watch the God fidget in their hands, like a fish, which was landed. But she nodded.
All at once she loosened her grip and the man fell to the ground. Panting and gasping for air, he held on to her lower garment to be able to sit up straight.
"At least I will make her think to be free," the giantess went on. "But don`t think I couldn`t bring her back any time in order to punish her for your actions with such ferocity that she would wish to end her life!" Angrboda looked triumphantly down at Loki. "...and if she commits suicide even Hel  can`t help her any more."
Loki gritted his teeth. But in the end he got what he wanted. Sigyn would be free.

It was already dark outside and an icy storm raged. In Jotunheim that was not uncommon. Loki looked thoughtfully out into the white area from his new bedroom, or rather from his old. The heavy wooden door behind him was locked. All windows were closed tightly in his small chamber. But even if they  were wide opened, Loki would not flee. The words of Angribodas still echoed in his head and he knew that she hadn`t lied.
Suddenly he could see a large black coach on the forecourt of Angrbodas walls, drawn by huge, bear-like creatures with long black and shaggy fur.
With a terrible howl, the animals began to move, the coach pulled out into the cold level. Loki looked after them. He knew that Sigyn was sitting in there.
How much he had wished to be able to catch a last glimpse of her, but he was too far away. Only her red hair he can see through the small windows of the coach.
As soon as she had disappeared in the snow turmoil, Loki heard the door was opened behind him. A shiver ran down his spine as Angrboda entered.
"Welcome home," she said with a dangerous smile on her lips. She put her hands on the God`s shoulders. "You're certainly very tired, my love," she whispered in his ear.
Loki was actually  indeed very tired and longed for the warmth of a bed followed by a deep blissful sleep, but just the idea that Angrboda could bed herself next to him kept him awake.
She took his hand and led him to bed. She had concocted a sleeping robe. Reluctantly, Loki took it on, but avoided to deign Angrboda a look. But she still were smiling all the time. Enjoying his discomfort, the power she had over the God and his . This satisfied her much more than he ever could satisfy her by his own.
She left him to himself after she had enjoyed his fear and anxiety. Surprised and confused about her behavior Loki looked after her, while the giantess was going to leave the bedroom.
Just before she walked through the door she looked back again to Loki, her teeth bared in a resounding laugh. "Today you aren`t of any use to me, Loki," she giggled and closed the door behind him. Loki heard heavy bars were closed. He was again imprisoned.

Sigyn felt the bumpy ride in the carriage suddenly stopped. Had they arrived? The journey wasn`t really that long, was it?  Maybe it was just her fear and nervousness, which affected her sense of time.
But at the moment she was grabbed by a rough hand and was dragged out of the car, she had to recognize that she was still in the ice world.  A cry escaped her throat as she fell into the cold snow.
 Rudely she was torn into the air and hoisted onto her legs. Trembling with fear and cold she stood there, confused what would happen to her next. Suddenly the young woman felt how something little and cold was given to her hands. It was long and pointed. With sharp edges and it felt as if it were made of ice itself, but it did not melt as Sigyn hold it tight between her fingers. The sharp edges cut into her flesh. Was that her solution?
The giant stared blankly at the small individual in front of him. The animals that pulled the carriage snorted impatiently.
"Good luck, little creature," he muttered. Sigyn still hold the ice ax firmly, pressed it against her chest, like a weapon. The giant knew that she would never attack and even if the ice pick was not meant to cut up his flesh or of any other giant, but hers if she wanted to deliver herself from the suffering and the relentless cold.
Angrboda herself had arranged to grant the young woman this possibility, but the giant could not know the giantess`s true intent. A life that had taken by oneself, could not even rescued by Hel. Angrboda knew that the cold and the frost of Jotunheims drove even the strongest men in desperation quickly.

The giant sat back down on his carriage, with a sharp blow to the reins, the animals continued their moving with a loud roar. The snow creaked under the weight of the wheels. The giant left Sigyn in the snow and ice.
As the woman realized she was all alone now, panic overcame her. Pitiful moans left her throat as she moved through the snow. The ice ax firmly clasped as if it gave her a hold, safety.
Not far from her Sigyn was already observed. Hel stood on a hill, her face hidden behind clothes of black fur. From a distance people would have taken her for a wild animal that ambushes its prey. But Hel only watched Sigyn. Her fate was not written yet. Sigyn still was clear minded, still clung to life.
The wind blew stronger. Sigyn tried by the flow of the wind to figure out, where the area could give her shelter. She was tired and wanted nothing more than to rest. But the wind was too wild. It seemed impossible to feel a pattern of blowing, which maybe could tell her something about the landscabe around her.
Suddenly she felt a burst in her back. She already knew that kind of push. Sigyn had felt it once before when she was walking lonely through the same snow time ago.
The wind pushed her again, pressed her gently forward. Sigyn let it go, it almost felt as if she was carried by it through the stormy area.
After some time the wind subsided and Sigyn suddenly sensed a solid ground under her feets. Her hands groped the bare rock and slowly entered the small cave whose entrance was between two crevices and offered a little shelter from the snow and the cold . There the exhausted woman sat for a while, cowering, hiding her face deep in her hands. The ice ax lay beside her on the cold stone.
Just few hours ago, her life was filled of warmth, even if she did not even know where she had been the last time, on what place, in what world - this all suddenly hadn`t played any role, at that moment Sigyn had felt his heat, the fire burning in him. At that moment she had recognized his true face. She had felt comfortable. Had felt home. Something the woman had never felt before, even not in the halls of Asgard.
And now? Now she was suddenly back in the icy hell. Alone. It was cold, deadly cold! Where was her home? Why had it been taken away from her?
Sigyn`s hands rested in her womb. Tears rolled down her cheeks. But suddenly her hopeless were gone right that moment she touched her stomach. A comfortable warmth came from it. Had it been really taken away from her?
Sigyn took a deep breath and wiped her tears from her face when she sensed that she wasn`t alone  anymore. Someone had found his way into the small cave and that someone was big. Hardly a breath of air was able to enter her hiding place now, which only could mean that the stranger was of such a huge stature and filled almost up the whole entire for himself.
A giant? Sigyn sat up and tried to hide her blindness by fast movements. Accidently her fingertips touched the ice pick, which she took immediately, holding it right towards the intrudor.
She tried to act resolutely, even her whole body trembled in fear. The young woman focused the wind to detect if the stranger was moving away from the entrance and he did it.
But Sigyn could not see how close he already was. Her fingers clutched the ice ax harder. What should she do now? But before Sigyn could even made any decision, warm hands grabbed her arms. It was a tight grip, but not threatening or gross. A hand stroked her face gently. She knew the man standing in front of her. Sighing, the woman dropped the ice pick from her hand when the stranger took her in his arms and hugged her tight. He gently stroked her auburn curls.
"Now everything is fine," Thor said softly, although knowing that Sigyn could not understand his words. "I'll take you back home to Asgard."
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