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Thor didn`t sleep well that night. Wild dreams plagued him. He dreamed of a deadly fire that burned through the golden walls of Asgard. He saw men and women carbonized in the flames. He heard mothers screaming for their children, all their laments. There were so many charred bodies, burnt walls. He saw death everywhere, all this destruction by the voracious flames. Relentless, unstoppable, arbitrary flames.
Writhing and sweating the god lay in his bed. But yet at the same moment in his dreams Thor saw a group of strong men warming themselves by a campfire and how these small flames secured their miserable lives from a merciless cold around them. He saw a woman who cooked the meal over a fire for her six hungry children. Many little offshoots sprang again from the charred earth. Thor could watch how burnt cities were rebuilt. Much Bigger, more impressive. From several chimneys smoke was belched into the air and there was Sigyn in all those pictures of Thor`s dream. She danced in all those flames with a beatific smile and a child in her arms, a little innocent child. The flames enveloped both like a coat, to protect her. No one with bad intentions would have been able to reach them. Thor saw in his dreams all the destruction, the torture and death, which was inflicted by the flames, and yet at the same time he saw all the hope, all the life which was only made possible by it.
All of a sudden the God woke up. His eyes were wide opened. Everything he had already seen, when he and Sigyn sat by the fireplace and had been staring at this small flame she was holding in front of him.
Suddenly Thor realized that Sigyn had given him the answer he was longed for! Now the god knew what he had to do.
"Loki", it escaped his lips and he jumped out of bed. He had to see Odin. He had to tell him what he knew. Asgard was in great danger.

Thor met Odin in his halls. The All-Father wasn`t pleased by the nightly disturbance, but of course he took his son's concerns very seriously. Why else Thor would have wanted a meeting in the middle of the night if it was not of paramount importance. Sighing, Odin put on his seat and was giving Thor a sign to start to speak.
"It's about Loki," Thor began.
"I already thought so, my son," interrupted Odin.
"I finally understood why he is the way like he is, why he acts the way he acts. Why he is friend and still our foe. Sigyn it showed me. "
Odin looked expectantly to the God. "Go on, my son. I am listing. "
"It is the fire. Loki's character is determined by this element. He is so arbitrary like burning flames. It is his nature. He is a victim of his own. "Thor sighed.  "We just let him ablaze. If you ignite a fire without any provisions, without any protection and it will burn, grow and devour everything.  Loki went out of control like a fire and because of that a lust for destruction was growing up in him, but you should have seen him on Midgard, father. There he wasn`t a danger! "
"That you told me already, my son, but now he is no longer there, but again in Jotunheim. Perhaps it would have been better if you had brought him back like I instructed you and ... "
"No", it escaped Thor's throat like a thunder,  but  when he saw the astonished face of the All-father his voice became calm again. "It's not about the place, Father. Whether Midgard, Jotunheim or even Asgard .... that doesn`t matter. "
Odin leaned back in his seat, "What makes matter then?"
"By whom he is surrounded. Sigyn is the fire, we have learned. Fire and fire will never fight against each other. They just become one. "Thor paused. "It blends together and so it becomes controllable. It becomes to those flames, which warms us all, when it's cold. To the fire, which heats our food, makes soil fertile again and creates new life. "
Odin nodded. "But he's with Angrboda now. What does that mean for us? "
Thor's looked down serious. He balled his hands into fists. "Just as fire can give warmth and life, it can also be uses as a weapon to burn enemies. Loki's spirit and inner strength is determined by his moods, his condition, the fire in him. We all know what his anger is capable of. It already nearly brought destruction to Asgard, a wildfire equal. "Thor sighed. "I doubt that Angrboda will be good for a peaceable disposition.
Instead she will feed him with anger and resentment again until he is like a rain of fire, which she can hail down on Asgard. He can not stay with her. Surely she will use him as a weapon against us, so we have used him as a weapon against the giants, until we couldn`t control him anylonger and he was arbitrarily as fiery flames themselves and also threatened to engulf you can`t ignite an enormous fire, large enough to lead a war without burn yourself as well. That was our mistake. "
Odin sat up. Silently he tugged at his white beard. " Sometimes it is indeed difficult for us gods to control our own nature. Even you have always been like a thunderclap when something didn`t fit to you, my son, or even if you were just too excited about something ". Odin smiled softly to his offspring. "The time Loki came to Asgard , he was just a little boy, a brat - fiery, indeed, of an uncontrollable temper, your equal." God looked at Thor. "Always ready to do any mischief, just small tricks of a cocky boy. I thought that the life and the education of Asgard would do him good ... Offers him more than the giants and their realm could. "
Thor nodded. "We all thought so."
Odin sank back to his seat with a sigh. His eyes were serious and thoughtful. "Angrboda has become a powerful giantess. Not least because she gave birth to Loki`s children, we all need to fear so much. If we travel to her with demands, she doesn`t agree with, that includes the issuing of Lokis, we will risk another war with all of her retinue, and not least with Loki at her side - whether voluntary or not. But if it's true what you say, he is even more dangerous for us if he is forced by her into a fight. This would make his anger and resentment grow more and more…"
Thor nodded. Despair and anger were powerful emotions. What would happen if these forces met Asgard in the form of magic and fire with maximum energy, followed by an entourage of giants.
"We must avoid a war," continued Odin. "At the moment it doesn`t seem that Angrboda  is going to start a new war against us."
"But who knows," he replied Thor. "Who knows when she will do it? One thing is certain, she is not sympathetic to us and it will be easy for her to use Loki be against us " Thor's eyes fell on the door behind him, which led to the corridors of each hall. "Afterall Sigyn is staying with us. Surely he wants her back. Therefore Angrboda  can use her as form of pressure ... something we do not have. "
Odin smiled "Just a matter of Time. Just a matter of time ", he said softly.
"Father," asked Thor with skeptical look. "You do not mean ..."
"His child", finished Odin Thor's thoughts. "If time is our companion, we will also have a leverage against him like Angrboda. Like you said, Thor, fire and fire will not fight against each other. "
Thor made a serious face. Of course, this was a chance for Asgard. But at what cost?

Sigyn sighed deeply. She had gone to bed again. Her hands lay protectively over her stomach. She felt the life that grew in it. It pleased her and yet still filled her with sorrow and grief. Why was she alone now? Why was she separated from him ... or had he broken up with her? But she felt the heat emanating from her core. She had once felt this full warmth with him. Such feelings could not be just faked. Not to her!
She had noticed in what bad shape he was and how much his health improved, right at that moment she released her fears against him. Right at she received him with open arms and attention. He had craved after her. He would never have given her up. Not just like that and this filled the woman with fear. Now Sigyn felt terribly lonely. Even now the crackling fire in the fireplace couldn`t calm her down as it usually did. Something was missing. Someone was missing.
Sigyn gently stroke her belly. She had always wanted a family. Something she never could enjoy by herself. Sigyn had always been aware that the woman, who brought her up, was not her true mother ... She indeed was even missing the feeling of being . Now the fact she will give birth to a new life by herself, was strange for Sigyn but she knew, she would give all her love, all her warmth to her child and the young becoming mother knew she had a lot of it to give.
But suddenly Sigyn became frightened. All at once the fire in the fireplace was extinguished and the young woman felt a strange presence in her chamber. She was no longer alone. Sigyn's heart raced. Someone had come into her room without even opening a door and she could feel the stranger slowly was moving towards her.
"Do not be afraid," came a voice, and suddenly the stranger standing next to her on the bed. Long black hair covered half of her face as she leaned down to Sigyn. The young woman in bed felt an eerie cold. A lifeless cold.
"I'm not here to harm you," the stranger continued. Sigyn's forehead wrinkled in confusion. She could hear the words, which were spoken to her, but not through her ears. It seemed as if that person was right in her head and talk to her. Her voice was rough and dark, but still recognizable as female. A strange voice, a powerful voice, which was in her head, in her mind.  Was she mad now? But before Sigyn could end her thoughts, the strange woman just shook her head. "You are not," she answered to Sigyn`s unspoken question. "Usually you would not see or hear, when I come. No one does. Usually I am just there because time tells me. But now I just had to see you, Sigyn. The flame of Loki, the flame of my father. "
Sigyn felt a pain in her chest. She swallowed and covered her stomach tighter.
It took a while until Sigyn heard the voice in her mind again and suddenly the young woman felt how long, skinny fingers were holding her hands. Cold fingers.
"Do not worry, I will take care of my brother," said the stranger. "I will take care of you," she continued, her voice was demanding. "But before I do, I need to be sure that you are really loyal to my father from all your hearth.”
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Shtiya-is-my-power Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It just gets better and better. :heart:
shaxtheninja2 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013  Student Artist
Hel, you make me a very happy person since you :3
gpcat Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013
I know I've already commented in the German version, but can I just say how much I ADORE Hela in this fic? Really, she's my favorite character in this story after Loki. Again, I hate how Odin and Thor are completely ignoring Loki's feelings and safety, and how they treat him like only a weapon that can be used for good or for evil. This pisses e off beyond everything. I know they're not family in this fic, but he's an ally, they were raised together as friends, fought together, laugh together... this is sad.

For some reason, there is this pattern in Logyn fics, this distance among Loki and his "family", in some Odin is even a completely asshole while Sigyn is the only one who truly loves Loki. Or Loki has the love of a woman or he has the love of his family. I like it that at least in this fic, Loki isn't really Odin's son so it justifies the cold treatment he receives.

Now I wonder how exactly Hela expects Sigyn to prove her loyalty to Loki... And what will be of Loki's destiny? The tension is building up. I can't wait to read the next chapter :)
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