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Sigyn did not know where she was. Fear controlled her body and countless tears ran down her cheeks. It was cold, ruthless cold. She sobbed, froze and panic filled her body. Wherever she was, she was far, far away from everything she knows, far away from Asgard. Cold wind ruffled through her hair and made her shudder. What had happened? Was she punished? Sigyn remembered how Odin's guards have come into her room and made her following them. She remembered the stranger who has surrounded her suddenly, this strange woman who brought her into a room where she has persevered and suddenly, quite suddenly, from one moment to the next she was located here. Outdoors in an unfamiliar environment. She felt her legs sank up to her knees in the snow.
Had Odin punished her for the death of the prisoner? She did not do that! No, she did not! She had taken care of him. She had done everything to ensure he stayed alive. For weeks she had taken care of the man why should she had done something to him then? Sigyn whimpered, but now she believed herself to be doomed. It was so cold, so incredibly cold.

Suddenly, her stomach dropped in shock and she began to gasp when she felt a hand on her shoulders. Someone pulled her around, threw their arms around her and Sigyn felt the warmth of a blanket, which was wrapped around her body. With a jerk, she was lifted into the air, which freed her bare legs from the icy snow. Instinctively, she embraced those around the hips of the other and pressed her upper body to his warm body. Crying, she held on to the stranger.
Loki cried inwardly with anger. What was Hel  thinking by suspending her midst of Jotunheim? The cold didn`t bother him, after all he came from here. This was his true home, his birthplace. But for the woman in his arms, this world meant death, especially in these thin clothes she wore. Couldn`t have his daughter given her a coat at least? It couldn`t be the result of his effort to bring her to Niflhel, just for frozing in his arms now. Hard he pressed her body against his, but even if he does not cool down, Loki knew that his body heat was not strong enough to protect her against the cold. He had to hurry to find somewhere, where his companion was protected from the icy wind that gnawed at her life.
The God swore the next time he met his daughter, he would rammed his fist into her half-decayed face. In his anger Loki did not noticed that for his very first time he was deeply worried about someone else`s life instead of his own. He could not know yet that this was Hel`s intent. But because of Loki was seethed with anger, his body was filled with the saving heat Sigyn needed so much.Finally, after the god was wading painfully through the deep snow, he saw rocks on the horizon. There he would certainly find a wind-sheltered spot for himself and his companion, he hoped. He had to admit that his strengths were running out. But the more and more trembling body in his arms spurred him to mobilize his last reserves .

Sigyn felt the strenuous breathing of the unknown on her skin. He quickens his pace. She felt the strong blow of the cold wind that whipped around her ears. It almost seemed like a threat. But then suddenly it stopped. Even the pounding of boots in snow,  changed into the sound of steps on a smooth stone. Sigyn felt the grip on her hips was released. She loosened her grip of her legs around the man`s  waist. Her feets were searching for purchase on the slippery ground. If the stranger did not hold her, she would have lost her grip. Her legs were stiffened from the cold that she barely could feel them anymore.
Gently Loki helped the completely exhausted woman to sit against the protective scarp. But it was still very cold, even without the terrible wind. Also the blanket in which Sigyn was wrapped up by Loki didn`t give her off the necessary heat.
A fire was needed, which could warm up her cold body. The fire itself was not an obstacle for Loki, after all he was the owner of this element. But every fire needed something it burns down and fire wood in Jotunheim was a rarity. Outside there was nothing but snow and ice and also in the small cave, in which they had find refuge was anything that was combustible. Loki heard the pathetic shivering young woman. Her lips were now colored deep blue and her usually pink skin was pale and bland. He had to hurry. Loki hastily decided to get rid of his coat. Although the thin fabric would not provide the fire a long existence, but it was the only change he had now.
He quickly draped his coat in front of the freezing Sigyn, spread his hands over it and muttered, barely audible a mantra to himself. The hands of the magician began to glow and spark sprang out from his fingertips. It took a moment to set the wet fabric in fire. Sigyn felt the warmth coming from the flames and lifted her head. She felt warm hands grabbed her forearms and pulled her gently to the warm fire. Sigyn sighed. The heat of the flames revived her spirits. Loki sat down beside her, watching every movement of hers. Now and then he interferred carefully into her movement, if he feared her hands came too close to the flames. In silence they sat together. Outside it was getting dark and Loki looked anxiously into his familiar world of snow. Where should he go with her? They could not stay here. Sigyn wasn`t made for this hard life, but to return to Asgard wasn?t also possible. It would be only a matter of time before people would discover him. He would be taken back in chains and for sure this time no one would be sent to him again. They certainly would prefer to let him starve to death in the cell, instead of making the same mistake twice. Also in all the other worlds Odin`s followers would pleased to hand over the unloved guest.
There had to be a place where Odin's influence was negligible. Where the gods were nothing more than tales and legends, Midgard. Loki had to travel to Midgard. There they were safe.

The fire became smaller. Soon it would be completely extinguished. Loki put his arm gently around the narrow shoulders of the woman. She winced shocked when God pulled her closer to himself and held her in his arms. He felt her troubled breathing. She was scared, but that wasn`t a surprise. He had expected much of her, but now he just wanted to keep her warm. The fire would not survive the night and soon the pleasant warmth would turn again into merciless cold.
"Do not be afraid," Loki whispered in her ear, even though he knew she could not hear him. He gave her a quick kiss against her temple, resting her head against his chest and buried his face in her red-brown, curly hair. Sigyn's eyes were horrified. She knew these lips, she has felt on her skin. Her head rested on his chest, and she could hear his rapid, strong heartbeat. The heartbeat of a heart, which already stopped beating time before.

Sigyn woke up first. Still, the man's arms were wrapped around her body, but his heart beat slow and quiet, so she concluded that he was still asleep. Careful she tried to free herself from his embrace without awaking him.
What had happened? He has to be dead! She had felt his cold body at this terrible day, she remembered that he didn`t breath anymore and that there was no movement inside his chest.
But now she had felt him breathing clearly. Deep and quiet, and after all hadn`t it been his body heat, which she kept her warm at night? Perhaps Sigyn erred and the stranger was someone else. There was only one way to find out. Slowly and carefully her fingers searched after his face. She felt like her heart began to beat violently. Her fingertips were like her eyes. Had she sensed something once, thus creating a picture in their mind's eye she would never forget. Her fingers groped Loki's face. His mouth twitched, and his eyebrows curled, but he remained in his deep sleep.
No doubt it was the same man. Sigyn shivered. Fear filled her body. What evil spell allowed to return the deads again to life? She quickly tried to sit up. With outstretched arms and trembling steps she searched for the scarp and finally to the output from this cave. Sigyn wanted to get away. She didn`t want to have to do anything with such a evil magic. She wanted back to Asgard. Home, just home.
Cold whipped her face and she gasped as she stepped into the cold ice, and though every fiber in her body wanted to make her turn back, she ran out into the world of ice.

Loki opened his eyes as he looked down at himself in disbelief. He was alone. Ahead lay only the burnt remains of his jacket, but the young woman was gone. Immediately his eyes fell on the opening of the cave. Outside, the snow was raging. "Stupid woman," he gasped and ran out. Before him he just could sense their footsteps. He had to hurry or he would lose track of her, and so lose her as well.
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Xepher06 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
No Sigyn, no!! I hope Loki finds her before it's too late!
This fic has so many details, just absolutely love it!!Love 
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I love this fanfic soooooo much! You're great <3
Gaga-Gogo Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
I like this more then the comic is so awesome story <3
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This is amazing!!! :D More soon, pretty please! :)
Cynderthedragon5768 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Loki has a daugher?
Savu0211 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013
Hel is his daughter
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Will Sigyn get her senses back??
EdenBurnsTonight Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013
I request more! I need to know what happens next!
MangoStraw Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
In your comics Sigyn could see and hear perfectly.. how did she get her senses back? :O or will that be in a sequel?
Savu0211 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013
The comics are a different story
MangoStraw Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
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