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Sigyn felt a cold breeze on her face. Her fingers touched the beet sheet on which she sat. It was cold. No one had been slept there in the last hours. Sigyn knew that she was no longer in the hut. She felt that the world around her was a different one and that it was not a good one. The young woman stood up, with tottering steps, she explored her new surroundings. The walls were made of bare stone, wet and humid. The room was not large, and it seemed to contain no furniture, except the little bed she had been sitting on it. On one side of the wall she sensed a small window. Cold wind blew in her face. Sigyn's hands were resting on the window sill and she felt little snowflakes which melted on her the back on her hand into tiny drops of water.
How did she come here?
With a wailing cry Sigyn pulled her hands firmly on her body and staggered back to the bed. What had happened? Where was she and where was he? Why had he left her or was it himself who had brought her here?
Suddenly Sigyn sensed that she wasn`t alone anylonger. Someone had come in and stood in front of her now. The young woman was waiting for a movement, a gesture, but the other person just stood silently. Sigyn hesitantly raised her hand and held it against the stranger. She felt a silky fabric between her fingers. An elegant gown, which was also partly covered with heavy steel and solid belt. As Sigyn finger continues moving, they were stopped by a hard grip. A cry escaped her throat when she  felt the cold on her skin, which came from the stranger`s touch. Long fingers, with even longer claw-like fingernails wrapped around Sigyn handcuffs. Hold them merciless.
Angrboda stared at the frail figure before her with cold eyes. Her mouth twisted in contempt. That was her, Loki`s flame. Just a miserable creature.
With a sudden movement she dismissed her grip and threw Sigyn back on the hard bed. Furious the giantess left the small, musty room. Two guard were standing behind the door, who closed them immediately after Angrboda has left the door behind her.
"Be vigilant," she spoke in a menacing voice to the guards, without looking at them. "He will come. That is clear.  Be on the watch for every shape, no matter how small and insignificant it might be." Her footsteps echoed in the bare hallway. "I would not be surprised if he came crawling back as cockroach," she hissed.
Sigyn's heart was racing. This stranger made her shiver. Why she was here? Why had he left her alone. Sigyn printed both hands tightly against her stomach as she let out a self-pitying, pathetic whimper.

The giantess had retreated to their halls. Fixedly staring she still sat there as the hall suddenly were filled into a twilight.
"What do you want here, Hel?" Angrboda spoke before she even could see the face of her daughter, who appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the hall from one moment to another.
"He's already on his way, Mother."
A fleeting smile crossed Angrboda lips, but then she turned to her daughter with cold eyes. "Lately you seem not very loyal to your home. Are not there few souls already waiting for you to be sent into perdition? "
"There is always enough time left for eternity, mother. I just wonder what you intend to do when father returns to Jotunheim. You do not believe that he will bed himself beside you voluntery."
“Voluntary or not. I demand only what I deserve. In the end he has no other choice if he really cares for that woman”, growled the giantess.
Hel looked in the direction of the corridor where Sigyn persevered in her room. "It seems he does otherwise father would hardly have gone with her to Midgard voluntary, or would even have the breath to return to you ." Hel grined at her mother. Angrbodas twisted her mouth. Her eyes lit up with rage and anger. Quickly she jumped up from her seat.
"How dare you to talk to me like that, daughter! Are you making fun of me? "Suddenly the giantess with gritted teeth was so close to Hel that their faces were almost touching. But the goddess of death was not impressed. Her mother was strong and powerful from a maleficent nature and by deceit she shared almost the same rank with her father, but in the end the giantess couldn`t harm Hel, not even if the death indeed was her own daughter.

Beside that Hel shared a closer bond with her father, even if it was only caused by Loki`s clumsiness in the very first way, which drove him to the halls Niflhels again and again.
"Is that the reason why you have an eye on the god of lies, because you can?t stand the truth?"
At first it seemed as if the giantess was going to strike a blow, but from one moment to another her evil face converted to a relaxed, almost smiling face. Calmly she turned away from her daughter and placed herself again, almost triumphantly on her settle.
"Leave him yearn for her, when this is the way how I can commit myself to his sick heart, then it should not bother me. If he tries to deceive me again, I simply will rip his heart out." The giantess looked at her daughter. "... Over and over again until it is mine."

A flame crossed the white plane until it finally found a dry bough that grew out of the rock face. It was able to nurture the small fire, until it reached the size of a man. Panting Loki fell into the cold snow. After few moments the fire above him disappeared. Logi had taken him to the borders of Jotunheims, but from now on Loki had to move on alone. Angrbodas halls were still a day's march away. If the God decided to run, but his magic allowed him to change himself into a hawk. With huge wings, he flew through the stormy snowy landscape. Soon he could see the roofs Angrbodas. Sigyn would soon be back in safety.

But Logi was not  at the end of his journey yet. The wildfire burned up to the gates of Asgard.
"Logi" spoke Odin in a mighty voice when the fire giants entered the golden hall. To Odin's right sat Thor. "What causes your face to us?"
"Loki has returned to Jotunheim," said Logi.
Thor threw a quick glance to Odin, before he started speaking: "But only because you helped him, giant! He himself was not able to leave Midgard! So why did you come here? To clear your conscience? Actually you belong equally to a prison, fire-spirit, for your betrayal of Asgard and the liberation of Loki! "
Odin gave the god of thunder a gesture to lower his voice.
"I doubt, that Loki would call himself as a free persin. Indeed he did  not leave Midgard voluntary," the giant said quietly. "If he could he would prefer Midgard to Jotunheim any time, I promise. "
"What makes you so sure?" asked the All-Father.
When Thor heard that name, he moarned in disgust. Angrboda was one of the worst giantesses. Her name meant nothing but disaster.
"She exert power over Loki and her power over him is greater than yours, All-Father. "
"How can that be?" Thor's voice echoed like thunder through the huge hall. "How can her power be greater than that of Odin."
Logi smiled. "She has Loki`s flame, my Sigyn."
Odin nodded.

Loki stood before the great gates Angrboda`s.  As if by magic they opened groaning and creaking. The god needed to swallow before he stepped inside. He knew that he had been observed. Here he was, as Angrboda wanted. Loki walked through the dark corridors. Long time these walls were also his home. Here his children had been born. But nevertheless this place filled him with unease and bad memories. The time that he had spent with the giantess here were only caused by his own plan. The god never had felt any affection or love for Angrboda. But Loki always had known how to cover his true feelings for her. He ensnared and bewitched her, as only he could in order to achieve his goal. Something now should be fatal for him. Logi was right: With Angrboda he had made a great enemy, the God still did not know to combat.
Loki reached the room where the giantess were already waiting for him. Angrboda had a menacing smile on her blood-red lips.
"I'm here now," said Loki. His voice was loud and clear. With raised head he stood in front of her. His arms akimbo, but inside he was trembling with fear. "I'm here," he repeated. "Now you have what you wanted, so let her go."
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