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Sigyn`s fingers twitched nervously. She saw how the flames in front of her became smaller and smaller. The fire needed food, otherwise it would be go out soon. The young woman waited. Usually he would come now and light the fire in the fireplace again. Every time Sigyn rejoiced when she saw the flames flame up again. The crackling flattered around her ears, it was the only sound she could hear.
Sigyn felt anxiety rising in herself. Where was he? This morning he still had served her a bowl of corn and bread, but now he seemed to have disappeared.
So she thought at least. Loki was actually only a few meters away from her, panting and gasping on the floor. He had stood up and wanted to walk to her. But his gait had looked more like an drunkard and suddenly everything went black around him, his legs collapsed. This was the result of his lack of appetite and sleep now. The God wasn`t able to stand anylonger. Loki cursed. How could he be so weak? He did not know this feeling. On Asgard Loki never collapsed just because he had eaten too less. But Midgard probably had different laws, even for gods.
Loki's heart raced with every move that he did. Even if he would make it to reach Sigyn and the fireplace, he was too weak to light a new fire. Doesn`t matter if by magic or conventional ways. But still panting he continued crawling on all fours.

Sigyn made a pitiful sound. Now only a tiny flame was seen sad and lonely dancing in the fireplace. The fire was dying. Furious, she tapped with her fists on her thighs. She did not want that. Sigyn moved closer. Maybe she could find some firewood below the fireplace. Somewhere there had to be some. But instead of firewood she suddenly felt cold fingers. Startled Sigyn pulled her hands back. Her heart raced in panic.  A cold shiver ran over her back. Paralyzed with fear, she could not move, as she felt something tugging at her clothes. A pitiful cry escaped her throat.

Loki groaned when he saw Sigyn how she stared at him in fear again. But this time he could  understand her shudder at least. Still his hand was looking for hers. It was his desire to touch her now. But Loki could hardly stand on his knees and in the end he lost his balance. The God had to lay down himself on the cold floor to avoid being on the verge of fainting. He even felt too powerless to raise his head. Despair was written in his face and saliva ran out of his mouth as he stretched himself as far as he was able to to grab Sigyn's hand. The God did not want to scare her. He just wanted to hold her hand. Nothing more.
Sigyn held her breath as she felt Loki's fingers on her hand. She wanted to pull his hand away, but fear paralyzed her. Loki's hands were covered in sweat and an unhealthy heat. The young woman felt how much they were trembling, the despair behind their moving. Sigyn believed at first, these fingers would grap her hand for raising her up against her will, but she had to notice that nothing like this happened.
When Loki`s fingers finally reached her hand, they just remained on hers.  He even lost his power to clasp her hand. Sigyn gasped. Suddenly everything felt strange.  Now his hand began to feeling cold and barely moved. Poorly she felt a pulse of his thumb, but it still stroked the back of her hand softly. She looked back to the fireplace. Her brow wrinkled thoughtfully when she saw the small flame flickered weak in a similiary way.

Reluctantly, she put her other hand on Loki's finger, hold them firmly. Loki groaned. A fleeting smile crossed his lips. A feeling of happiness shot through his body and filled him with new strength to crawl to the young woman. Slowly but steadily. Also Sigyn felt his fingers suddenly clutched her hand tightly. But it was not an unpleasant, oppressive feeling, more as if he wanted to protect himself. She felt the need, which emanated from his holding hand. However, she was unsure what she should do now. Everything now felt so unfamiliar to her. Why did he lay helpless on the floor at once, when otherwise he was always inquiring about her. Now he seemed near death, exactly what he should be actually. What he already was, wasn`t he?
Time ago she had felt his dead body. He was so cold, motionless, therer was no life in him until he suddenly was back. Out of nowhere. Snatched her home from Asgard into a world that almost caused her own death, until they came here. Wherever she was now. What had happened around her?
Loki's grip on her hand loosened and his finger laid limp in her hands. With his last strength Loki had moved to his beloved. But In front of her lap he had to give up. Heavy his head laid on the ground. Even if he was almost there, he still couldn`t reach her at all. His eyes flickered and struggled with the darkness that threatened to envelop him again.
He whimpered. He did not want to give up. He did not want lie on the cold floor. He only wanted to be with her. But as much as he fought with himself, his body didn`t obey him.
Suddenly he felt strong arms on his shoulders. Sigyn pulled him with all her strength across the floor toward her. Panting lifted the frail woman Loki up into her arms, put his head against her chest and hugged him tightly. Like a mother with her child she teetered with the upper body back and forth, stroking the man in her arms again and again through the black hair.
She felt his body trembling. Loki could not control himself anymore, confused by his own feelings, he began to cry pitifully. He was happy and felt miserably sad at the same time, he was tired and yet he could not sleep, he felt lonely and yet so safe in her arms. He closed his eyes sobbing. Gave in to the darkness that gnawed on his power so much.
Sigyn suddenly felt his salty tears on her skin and how his body struggled for air. She gently rubbed his back. Never before she had felt such despair, except by her own
Could dead people cry? Surely they could not, she thought. For that you needed a soul, a feeling, a life, you cling to. Because of  his bitterly weep, he could not be dead. He was as lively as she was.
Sigyn hold him even stronger now. Suddenly she felt shame rising in herself. Had she misjudged him all the time? Maybe he was not the monster, she thought in him. The monster which she had so feared much?
How much Sigyn would love to be able to see his face, his eyes now. People said the eyes were the window of the soul. But Sigyn never have seen some. Not even the eyes of their own mother. But she felt his face. She gently stroked him over his cheeks, over his eye area,felt the wetness of his tears and knew that he was staring at her with hope, his lips trembling. All that she felt by touching him with her fingertips. Sigyn's eyes went back to the fireplace. The little flame seemed to stop. Barely a flicker was visible, as if time stood still.
For a moment she just sat there. Silent and motionless, staring into the fire until they turned her gaze back Loki. Even he seemed stunned.
Hesitantly she bent down her head to his. She could feel his heavy breathing blewing against his face. Sigyn had never be so close to him. Felt his nose at hers. Tender and very gently she gave him a small kiss on his lips, but without loosing sight of the small flame in the fireplace.

Loki suddenly felt her soft lips on his. His eyes widened. Was he dreaming? But he saw her face so close to his, still believed to taste the sweetness of her. Loki wanted more. Hungry, he poked his head against her. Wanted to return her kiss more than anything else.
Suddenly the flame in the fireplace started to grow and danced wildly. Sigyn's eyes lit up. Could it be? Was there really a direct connection between the man who begged so much for her attention and the fire that she loved so much.
Sigyn felt the desire of Loki to taste her lips again. His fingers buried deep into her dress, clung frimly to it. She gently held his head, stroking his fingers through his hair before Sigyn allowed him to kiss her again. His lips were rough, did not want to let up on her, but it didn`t bother the nice young girl when she saw how the once small, dying flame turned into a blazing fire again.

When Loki woke up the next morning he found himself in the warm bed. At first he was unsure of his own Feelings, but when he sensed Sigyn's hand on his forehead and saw her warm smile, he felt a profound satisfaction. He could barely remember the night before, only that he had fallen asleep in her arms. What strength she had have spent in order to hoist him into bed? Sigyn took a spoon to his mouth. It was just like the day when they have met each other the first time. She fed him. Although Loki felt strong enough to eat independently again, he let her grant. He liked how she was worried about him. Even though the meal tasted terrible. It was nothing more than warm bread, soaked in water. But he ate. The God loved to see her smile and she smiled incessantly now. Oh, she was beautiful when she smiled, thought Loki.
A little awkward, and panting the God lifted himself up. Although his limbs were still weak and tiredness befuddled his mind, but it was the sight of Sigyn, which encouraged him.
She was still holding the spoon in her hand. Carefully, he took her arm and led it gently back to the bowl with the bread. Confused Sigyn left the silverware slide back into the dish. Shy the woman hold both hands into her lap. Sigyn's heart raced while she just sat on the edge of the bed waiting for what might happen next.
Before the fatigue would take hold of him again, Loki wanted to stroke through her hair to thank her for her care. He gently kissed her on the cheek and with his lips he silent formed his name on her delicate skin. If he did not know her name yet, then at least she should know his. Tired but satisfied, he sank back into the pillows. He sighed relief.
First Sigyn just sat there motionless until she suddenly got up and wavered across the room with the bowl in her hand.
Exhausted Loki closed his eyes, but before deep sleep could deaden his senses, he sensed how Sigyn returned and crawled into bed with him. Her hand grasped his and clung to him tightly. Loki felt her gentle breathing near his neck, her legs clutching his and she sighed deeply in full satisfaction. Loki felt asleep smiling. This night he would dream well.
Fire still crackled in the fireplace.
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gpcat Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013
I have to say. It was about time, Sigyn! I wonder if she can write/read, so he could just write the words on the palm of her hand. I watched a movie in which the girl was blind and deaf since she was born and she communicated like this, writing in the palm. If I'm not mistaken, the movie was based in real life and the blind/deaf girl became a writer.
EdenBurnsTonight Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013
What I find most interesting about this story so far is that neither of them has an actual love for the other yet. Loki still does not know her, so is technically in a stage of infatuation (if not obsession), and Sigyn was motivated by her love of the fire to be close to him, not a liking for him. I like how deep this is, how they're not just magically in love with each other. Everything they're doing is kind of on a whim at the moment, and hasn't even become real.

I look forward to where you take this Savu; it's an excellent story. The method you used to bring Sigyn closer to Loki, I like it much more than her just falling in love with him. Obviously, I hope they fall in love in the end, though :D
MangoStraw Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
You're an amazing drawer, but I never knew that you could write as well! :o I've been reading every comic you posted since it was so interesting, and I am subscribed to you for a year now! :D Even though English isn't your first language, you're able to write beautifully - you even got me to tear up there! Good job, I really love reading your series! :D :)
jessypet92 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Love this story. :)
Kuroiseki Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
*Watches heart explode out from chest and splatter onto the walls* crap....cuteness and utter gushy adorableness overload again....
Sunnytyler001 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
Awwww!!! Such a beautiful chapter!!! :D
GodivaGoddess33 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This is so sweet! I just love how Loki is so focused on Sigyn, even when he is near death, and she brings him to life again.
Savu0211 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
na well he was also near death because of her XD
GodivaGoddess33 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
True. XD
VisAnastasis Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
BlondeKourt Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
MOAR MOAR!!! i want MOAR!! XD lol its a wonderful story so much WOW! X3 :iconmoarplz:
Gaga-Gogo Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013
Lyswen Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Professional Filmographer
how amazingly adorable! :D I love the strong emotions and described sensations! realy beautiful! :heart:
TwistyFox Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm really loving this story. I can't wait for the next chapter. ^_^
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