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Staggering Sigyn ran through the wide corridors. "Frigga," she gasped. Her throat hurt while speaking. Her footsteps echoed in her ears. "Frigga", it escaped her lips again. At the end of the hall, she could see a shadow. Slowly it became clearer. Sigyn's eyes had not be completely accustomed to the light yet.

Thor saw Sigyn running towards him. Confused, he stood frozen, when he saw the young woman with an outstretched arm to run on him calling for help.


Just before him, the young woman stumbled, but before she fell to the ground Thor had been caught her and held her in his arms.

"Sigyn! What happened? "

Sigyn's eyes were red from crying, her lips quivered. Thor looked at her anxiously; he had grabbed her shoulders with both hands and helped her back to her feet.

"Sigyn", he repeated. "How is that possible?"

The young woman suddenly began to weep bitterly. Thor sighed and took the visibly confused Sigyn firmly in his arms. With quiet words he spoke to her. All his questions had to wait now. But soon he would find out which kind of magic gave Sigyn her eyesight, her ear and voice and what price she had paid for it.


Still Sigyn sat at the big table in the middle of the festival hall. Her hands rubbed her still-flat baby belly and big tears rolled silently down her cheeks.

"Hel" Thor put his hand to his temple. "How she had managed to cross the borders of Asgard without being seen."

Frigga, who was standing next to her husband, just shook her head slightly. „Hel does not follow those rules. She can be everywhere and nowhere, Thor. She is not a living person, "After a short pause he added Frigga:".. ... Nor a dead one“

"But she usually keeps out of the affairs of the living," interrupted Odin. He looked anxiously to Sigyn. "You have indeed paid a heavy price."

"Please do not condemn me, great Odin," whimpered Sigyn. Her voice was more a timid whisper.

"Nobody does, Sigyn", spoke Thor and put his hand on her shoulder comfortingly. "You have done this for noble reasons."

The young woman looked up to the god with her big eyes, "Will he even be able to forgive me?"

"If you look at him with those eyes, Loki will forgive you everything, I promise Sigyn. Not even he could resist your eyes. "

A fleeting smile crossed the young woman's lips, but then again she lowered her head sadly. "But I will never see his."

The gods looked confused to Sigyn. "You will", Frigga said softly. "We will crush Angrbodas plans. Was not this the reason why you made this deal with Hel? You will see Loki again soon." Frigga watched Odin, who nodded approvingly at her. But his face was covered with deep worry lines.

Sigyn shook his head: "No, his sight, his voice will remain hidden from my senses, as usual. Hel's magic does not include him. Now I am able to see everything, to hear every word and to speak and sing, "she sighed.“…But not to him. I will never be able to see him with my eyes or to hear calling my name." Sigyn wiped a tear from her face. "Hel did not want that. It wouldn`t be good for staying honest, she told me." Questioning she looked up to Thor." What's with Loki? Why do people fear his words? "

Thor looked at Odin and then to Frigga. "His tongue is faster and sharper than any dagger you could stab someone in the back", the goddess said, sighing.

It hurt Sigyn to hear that, but then she felt Thor's hand on her shoulders again. The God crouched in front of her.

"Is he similar to you?" asked Sigyn.

"Not in the least. He is not like any of us, neither from the outside, nor from the inside. But one thing I know, his feelings for you are honest. You bring out the good in him, and that doesn`t need to be seen and heard if it`s just there. "

Sigyn smiled softly. But it was a sad smile. "But he will never go to Valhalla."

Odin nodded: "These gates will remain closed to him forever."

Sigyn stroke her belly gently. "Then he can wait for his son in Helheim." This was the price she had to pay. Dumb, deaf and blind, she wouldn`t be any help for anyone, not even for Loki. But she wanted to fight for him, even if it means the soul of her unborn child will be delivered to Hel after dead.

"She has promised to protect him," repeated Sigyn Hels words. Was it really so bad that her child would never go to Valhalla, but to his family? Maybe Hel's intentions weren`t of any evil nature, but merely nurtured by desire to know her family by her side. Hel had spent a long time with Sigyn talking. As awful the one half of her face was, as pretty was the other; a face of a young beautiful woman, almost a child. Maybe she was lonely, thought Sigyn. Frigga made Thor a gesture to accompany the young woman to her room.

"You need sleep," said the goddess and looked to Odin. "…And we need to consult with each other."


Thor took Sigyn by his hand. A habit, and even if Sigyn didn`t need the leadership of another person anymore, she let him. Right now, she had the feeling to need as much grip as possible. Many thoughts swirled through her head.

"Hel has told me many things," she said suddenly while she and Thor were walking through the palace. "Does she speak the truth?“ She asked God.

"Hel has no reason to lie. She conceals some things here and there, but her spoken words are real”, Thor answered. The god stopped and looked at the young woman. "Sigyn, do you know who you are?" He asked her.

"I am a spark of Logi" she said. "The wildfire is my heritage."

Thor smiled. "Did Hel tell you about Loki heritage?"

"I'm not sure," she replied. "He's a magician, isn`t he? They fire obeys him. "Sigyn sighed. “When I was with him, he always let dance the flames for me. Nothing dance more beautiful than the fire itself and it seemed to me that Loki and fire were affiliated with each other. "Sigyn looked at the ceiling. "Just like me."

Thor nodded. "You two are very similar." The God turned around and walked further. Sigyn reluctantly followed and listened silently to his words. "When Loki came to Asgard, he was still very young, even I was still a child, when he had asked for my father's care. Long time I didn`t understand how one could renounce his own family. But one day he told me. He had insulted me on that day. That I should accepted a subordinate role to him as the god of thunder. After all thunder itself would not be able to stick with a lightning bolt. Because of that we had fought all day and all night with our fists until we couldn`t stay any longer. Loki hadn`t a lot of power in his punches, at least not enough to force me to the ground, but he indeed was really fast. I wasn`t able to catch him and at the end both of us were victims of exhaustion: Loki, because of my hits and me, because of trying to keep up with him. We decided that both of us had won by our different abilities. But then Loki said, he would have beaten me once that if he had used his magic. You need to know at that time I had not Mjolnir yet, otherwise this would have been my fight nevertheless. "

Sigyn smiled.

"But as we lingered there under the heaven of Asgard and served our wounds, he told me about his heritage. He even said he could remember his birth. No one is able to remember. The warmth of his mother, which he felt then, was just caused due the fact that she was ablazed, like dry leaves on fire. His father had thrown a flash on her in anger of her disobedience, and suddenly he was born from his father's literal burning anger towards his mother. "Thor sighed. "I remember very well calling him a liar when he told me this story. Without any word he angrily got up and left. But at that time I was still young and do not believe in all those legends which were told. A child, who had crawled out of the burning body of his mother, was nothing more for me than another horror story, you tell children to scare them. I even had not told my father at that time and it seems that Loki also never lost a word about it. Nowadays I believe, this story as incredible it sounds is indeed the truth…"

Thor looked at Sigyn. She had listened to him silently and calmly, but her heart raced and her hands trembled. "Loki is descended from a burning fire," Thor continued. "…And the fury of those flames still dwells in him."

Sigyn nodded.

"Hel" she said in a shaky voice. "Hel told me Angrboda wants to arouse something in him. Something that is more dangerous than all those giants and monsters. "

Thor stroked her comfortingly on the cheek. "With you at our side, we will protect Asgard and will snatch Loki from her. Only you are able to do that, lovely Sigyn. This fight, we will not be able to win with weapons, but with fire, which burns in you. "

Thor felt Sigyn fear. She was not a warrior, not like the brave Valkyries. How should she be able to fight against Angrboda?

Thor took the trembling woman tightly in his arms and Sigyn clung her slender fingers into his cloak, sighing deeply.

"When time comes, you will do the right, Sigyn," Thor whispered in her ear.


Angrboda grinned broadly as she glanced in halls of Asgard. Through a magical window she was able to watch into other worlds. Although she could not hear people talking who were shadowed secretly, this time it even could be an advantage for her plans.

Through her window she saw Sigyn, the mistress of her husband, the reason why he bore misery and Thor, the thunder god, who Loki despised so much. Both close, very familiar, in an intimate embrace. Of course, it was not how it looks like, but the giantess knew what Loki would see. More input for his displeasure. The giant laughed. She never hoped to get so much support from the Æsir.

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